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Who is LeaderMom?

She is you - a leader of work, home, and family!

LeaderMom was born from the idea that developing oneself as a leader at home/work and in your family is the most important job (and legacy) that there is.

That being said, how do we as intelligent-multitasking-stressed-passionate-committed moms do it? It's a noble goal to build this brilliant leadership structure for work, home, and family, but where is the How-To manual?

It's here.

LeaderMoms know that many of the techniques we use to lead in the workplace can be tweaked for home and family, and vice versa. Here at LeaderMom we provide those techniques (coaching, training and insigtful how-to tips) to help us be effective leaders in the most important areas of our lives.

So, if you are a busy mom (working outside the home, in the home, or both) and are looking for strategies for making work/home/family life a little bit easier, we have the solutions for you.